Population of Corona virus recovers in Pakistan

Population of Corona virus recovers in Pakistan

The number of people recovered increased from 500 to 727, 66 people lost their lives

Corona virus recuperated in Pakistan, the number of recuperative patients increased to 727. According to details, 167 new cases have been reported across the country in the last 24 hours, while 66 people have lost their lives. According to details, 167 people have been infected with Corona virus across the country.

It is said that 2279 patients are being treated in Punjab, 1128 in Sindh, 620 in KP and 219 in Balochistan. In Gilgit-Baltistan, there are 215 cases of Corona, 33 cases in Azad Kashmir while 527 patients have recovered from Corona virus. While 227 more people have recovered, the total number has increased to 727. Earlier, areas of Lahore were sealed when Corona virus cases increased, with 14 more cases being reported.

Bookmark 54 homes have been sealed. It has been reported that 17 cases have been reported from Shadbagh area, after which the area has been sealed. The markets have also been closed. On the occasion of sealing the area, the Assistant Commissioner visited the area,

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